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Company Overview

Cimechel Electric Co. was founded in 1998, with the objective of being an active part of the electrical transformation of Indian Railways, the 4th largest rail transport provider in the world. Our journey began with the DC to AC conversion of the Mumbai suburban rail network, and has grown into one of the very few players in a specialized engineering environment.

The 1990’s saw India transform into a growing economy, in need of a massive facelift in its infrastructure. The Indian Railways, one of the world’s oldest and largest rail networks and its subsidiary, CORE had the ambitious target to electrify its vast and ever-expanding network of rail lines. Cimechel has been a proud partner in this transformation for the last 18 years.

With our expertise in supporting projects of massive scale, we also diversified into complementing lines of business such as Power Supply Installation, a specialized engineering discipline that includes setting up of Traction Sub Stations and Switching Stations.

A recent addition into our engineering repertoire is the execution of rural electrification projects which has assumed an important position as part of the infrastructure planning of the Government of India. Cimechel has been supporting this initiative since early 2015.

We are one of the leading providers of traction electrification and rural electrification solutions in India

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